The Mission:

Each season holds a big number of releases, fighting over media’s limited attention. We wanted to create a, easy, streamlined and effective formula that makes product and campaign launching easy as 1-2-3, for the brand as well as the media and target group.

The Idea:

We put your launch into the well-calibrated machinery that is Break (it) Fast - the most effective launch platform in the world! Shortly put: a monthly breakfast club that kickstarts the day in a tasty way serving a product or campaign launch, a trend briefing that connects to the theme and, of course, breakfast. All in all, this is done in 30 minutes on the way to work. When guests do arrive at work a press release, pictures and documentation of the event are already waiting for them in their inbox, ready to share with the world.

The Result:

Break(it)Fast is for your product launch what a sneeze on the subway in September is for the flu - timing, location and target group fully optimized. Want to know more? Let us know at!