Grand Hôtel / PR activation

The Mission

Get the message out that Grand Hôtel Stockholm, Sweden's most exclusive hotel, has chosen Ruinart as the new house champange. Get publicity in press and in social media about Grand Hôtel's new collaboration with Ruinart to increase the number of guests and spontaneous visits to the Cadierbar. 

The Idea:

Due to tough regulations in Sweden when marketing alcoholic beverages we needed to be creative. We created the ”Champangesemla" and launched it during the popular Swedish feast Fettisdagen. The champagne from Ruinart with honts of almond was mixed with the almond paste. A luxurious, tasty and a perfect combination!

The Result:

The traditional pastry with a twist was very well received by the Swedish press, influencers, but especially the guests at Grand Hôtel. Both Grand Hôtel, Cadierbaren and Ruinart got visibility in local, lifestyle and food & beverage press. 

One week before the launch, people were calling for reservations and hundreds of pastries were sold on the very first day.