Havana Club Mojito Embassy

The Mission:

Roll out Havana Club’s global initiative Mojito Embassy concept in Stockholm and show the city that the mojito is an effortless cocktail that should be made with care, using only fresh ingredients and Havana Club rum.

The Idea:

We brought a little bit of Cuba to Stockholm by opening the four-day Mojito Embassy pop-up at Norrmalmstorg, right in the heart of Stockholm. The first two days featured curated events for press and digital media, VIPs and trade contacts, while it held open for the public during the weekend. 

The Result:

A total of 2 630 happy people took part of Havana Club Mojito Embassy at Norrmalmstorg, who together enjoyed 6 000 mojitos. The activation also got coverage in local and lifestyle media, and the photogenic setting made it a perfect Instagram option.