Hobo / Hotel Launch

The Mission:

Being a initiated partner in both the development and launch of Hobo - Stockholm’s new hotel concept, uniting the hyper urban brutalism of Brunkebergstorg with Studio Aisslinger’s creative functionalism and a whole lot of free spirit. 

The Idea:

Running PR and concept partner, offering both creative and strategic advising, as well as hands-on communication planning and implementation. By outsourcing one of Ibeyostudio's team members as in-house PR planner at Hobo, we established very in-depth collaborations with both Hobo and opinion leaders in Stockholm and beyond. In the end all of this allowed us to make sure communication was prioritized during the whole process leading up to the launch.

The Result:

Hard work and a creative concept sure pays off. After a very successful launch, a lot of talk on the town and extensive features in both national and international press, Hobo is already a well-visited destination in Stockholm for overnight stays as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, concerts and what not.