Bibliotekstan / Library of Fashion

The Mission:

To create a communication platform where Bibliotekstan - Stockholm’s perhaps most well-renowned shopping district - could communicate its USPs and brand message about quality brands and slow shopping to press, influencers and target group.

The Idea:

Library of Fashion - a concept combining Bibliotekstans unique collection of fashion brands with a message about slow shopping and sustainability. Investing in classic, quality garments builds a wardrobe that can live many lives - like a book in a library. The campaign consisted of different activations. Some of Sweden’s most favored brands donated classic pieces to an online fashion auction. A pop-up fashion library hosted a VIP opening party along with public events for partner brands. The public could also do short-time-loans of products from everything between Chanel to & Other Stories. It was all tied together by a media collaboration with the popular podcast Säker Stil’s Emilia de Poret and Ebba von Sydow.

The Result:

The different initatives created a holistic campaign where press, VIP’s and consumers as well as brands represented in the area were engaged. We got extensive press coverage in both Sweden’s largest morning TV show and several fashion and lifestyle titles, and 300 persons attended the opening party. The ”Library of…” platform also holds the possibility to extend the campaign into a re-occuring event where Bibliotekstan over time can lift other sections, like food, design or anything else that the golden area between Stureplan and Norrmalmstorg holds.