Mathias Dahlgren Catering / Concept Launch

The Mission:

Launch the conceptualization of star chef Mathias Dahlgren’s exclusive catering business. Production of photo and film material to be shared on own and external channels. Build relationship-building activities as well as press coverage.

The Idea:

We let influencer Emma Unckel invite her loved ones to an exclusive dinner at her home outside of Stockholm. The guests included a influential and affluent target group, all with their own relation to Mathias Dahlgren’s restaurants. On site, Mathias Dahlgren-catering created a carefully curated menu, specifically for the evening. With a small, hand-picked camera team, we documented the whole experience. Mathias Dahlgren himself presented the vision for his catering through a descriptive voice-over film, adapted for social media.

The Result:

The dinner resulted in a descriptive and captivating film that presented Mathias Dahlgren’s new catering offer. In addition, image material was created for website, as well as press images. As both the hostess and her hand-picked guests have their own strong social media channels, the dinner created a sense of a synchronized press launch for the new catering concept.