MQ / Front Row - Backstage

The Mission:

Launch the new Autumn/Winter collection to the press.To present the Fall/Winter 2016 collection from MQ in an inspiring way the ambition to boost sales.

The Idea:

Usually the collection is always shown to the press first, with a glass of champagne in a sterile environment. But for this years presentation we wanted to do something else. Inspired by the current trend of shifting the fashion calendar closer to the retail calendar, we wanted to communicate directly to the end consumer and invite them to a show normally reserved for the members of the media.

The Result:

We produced a fashion show and created an online campaign platform called Front Row/Back stage carrying a strong see-now-buy-now incentive. Prior the launch, the campaign was heavily promoted in social media with behind the scenes material from the shoot, preparing the followers of what to come. The fashion show got over 1,5 million unique views and comprehensive brand recognition during the campaign period.