MQ / Front Row SS17

The Mission:

Showcase the Spring/Summer 2017 collections from from MQ’s brands Stockhlm and Zoul in an inspiring and summery setting.

The Idea:

We wanted to invite as many as possible to see the show, so we made it digital. But we didn't stop there; we also made the show optimized and exclusively for smartphones, for the viewer to enjoy whereever, whenever. Lastly, we added one more thing; a swipe-function for the users to swipe between looks and purchase the garments straight from the runway. See now, buy now. Literally.

The Result:

A fun, fashionable and super user-friendly platform that attracted a lot of people to shop for their new summer wardrobe.

The show was promoted before the launch in social media, building expectations and presenting a perfect opportunity for MQ to interact with their customers and followers.