Reebok / ZQuick

The Mission:

Promote the Swedish launch of Reebok ZQuick - a flexible lightweight running shoe inspired by Z-Rated racing tires. 

The Idea:

A guerilla campaign combined with an online Instagram giveaway competition. Pushing the running shoe’s unique qualities, we placed ZQuicks in tight, hard-to-reach locations around downtown Stockholm along with posters explaining the setup of the competition. Instagram submissions of found and captured shoes were picked up by a hashtag to a dedicated online platform that displayed user generated content in an easy grid layout with a voting system. The users were then invited to share their photo submission. Each week during the campaign time, the users who got most votes won a pair of the newest Reebok model.

The Result:

An eyecatching and engaging consumer activation focusing on the product qualities of ZQuick, leading to articles in industry press and digital media. The campaign site was visited by 20 000 unique visitors and 400 entries participated in the Instagram competition.