The Cords / Store Opening

The Mission:

Swedish launch of new clothing brand The Cords & Co - the world’s first premium corduroy brand. On August 24 2017 The Cords & Co was revealed in Sweden, USA, Great Britain and France along with a global web shop. Our mission was to create a pre-hype among press and opinion leaders in Sweden, and to make them all want to wear corduroy.


The Idea:

We wanted opinion leaders within fashion, business and lifestyle to be as curious as possible before the launch - meaning thorough press management and personal distribution of angles and assets. Selected ambassadors were picked to wear the pieces in social media, and to celebrate the launch we invited 20 top editors to an early morning press breakfast, followed by launch parties in both stores in Stockholm on the same evening.

The Result:

Success! The weeks surrounding the launch, The Cords & Co had features in prominent national media like SvD, Damernas Värld, Café, ELLE, BON, Plaza Kvinna, Nöjesguiden, FORM, Scandinavian MAN, Plaza Magazine and Rum Hemma. 400 guests had a great time at the launch events in Stockholm, while garments were to be seen on national heroes like Alexander Skarsgård, Alicia Vikander, Sabina Ddumba, Miriam Bryant - only to name a few.