Vagabond / Modern Vagabond

The Mission:

To create an influencer campaign around Vagabond’s tagline ”Modern Vagabond” and the launch of their new Utility Boot - combining an utilitarian, urban design with functionality for slushy city winters.

(Read more about the shoe here)

The Idea:

We wanted our idea to really engage our target influencers and their audience, so we decided to let them create the campaign themselves. We signed up professional photographer and blogger Frida Vega Salomonsson and asked her to gather a group of friends to document them while spending 24 hours in Utility Boots around the city of Stockholm. Vagabond later decided to recreate the idea in Copenhagen and Milan.

The Result:

The photo series put the Utility Boot in a cool setting and got widespread reach through Frida and her friends’. A limited edition of the Utility Boot was sold at premium concept store Aplace, where a vernissage of the pictures hosted 400 guests. All-in-all, this campaign resulted in true engagement for influencers, retail and end-consumers, while also creating content for Vagabond’s own digital channels.