If x Weekday / House of Nightmares

The Mission:

Help the insurance company If to get a young and hip crowd to use reflective wear during Sweden’s dark winter season and position If as a progressive and initiated insurance company. Also to position If as a progressive and initiated insurance company and support the advertising campaign with brand value and trustworthy testimonials to prevent accidents in selected target group.

The Idea:

Launch and PR of the third edition of Reflectif - a campaign consisting of a reflective fashion collection by internationally popular Swedish brand Weekday. The launch included thorough press management and personal distribution of angles and assets. Selected ambassadors were picked to wear the pieces in social media. To celebrate the launch we also customized Gröna Lund’s House of Horrors to arrange a hair-raising press event…

The Result:

Stockholm’s probably most traffic-accident-informative House of Horrors walk ever, as well as extensive coverage in lifestyle press, dailies, news, social media, TV and broadcast media.